Characteristic PN and ORP meter:

Minimum measuring range

0.0 pH / -500 mV

Maximum measuring range

14.0 pH / +500 mV

Automatic temperature compensation

0 ~ 50

Working conditions

0 ~ 50° C

Relative humidity

< 95%

Scale of division

0.1 pH / 1 mV


± 0.1 pH / ± 5 mV

3-point automatic calibration of pH correction  

(4.0; 6.8; 9.1)

Standard pH configuration

(4.01; 6.86; 9.18) - 3 buffers in the packet

Factory calibration


ORP-calibration solution

does not include

Fixation (memorization) of measurement results

equipped with


equipped with

Electrical supply (disposable batteries)

6.0 V (4 pcs / AG13)


6.0 V


4 × 1.5V

The size

176 × 26 × 26 mm

The weight

82 grams

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A professional instrument for measuring acidity pH, ORP and water temperature (three devices in one). Portable device in a waterproof case and with a large two-level LCD display.


- level of acidity of the liquid (pH) from 0 to 14 in steps of 0.1 pH;

- Oxidation-reduction potential (OBP) from -500 mV to +500 mV;

and simultaneously displays the liquid temperature from 0 to 50 ° C.

Has a wide range of applications - from household to laboratory and industrial (in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical fields, metallurgy, environmental protection, nutrition, aquariums, artificial reservoirs, wastewater, drinking water and products testing).

The device turns off automatically in case of non-use, which prolongs the life of the batteries. A replaceable electrode which is easy to remove and install a new one. Equipped with a temperature sensor, which provides a fast measurement time, and a close arrangement to the electrode guarantees the accuracy of measurements.

Set: plastic storage case

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рН и ORP метр ( 0.0~14.0pH +/-500mV)

  • Product Code: рН и ORP метр ( 0.0~14.0pH +/-500mV)
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