Characteristic of TDS-meter:

Range of water hardness measurements

0 ~ 9990 ppm (mg / l)

Range of water temperature measurement

0 - 80 °C

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

0 - 80 °C

Value of division

1 ppm, 1°C


+/- 2%

Factory calibration

NaCl 342 ppm


2 x 1.5V (type 357A) included

Battery life time

from 1,000 hours of use

Auto power off function

10 minutes of non-use


155 x 31 x 23 mm

Weight (without package / packing)

56.7g / 76.5g

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TDS-meter (TDS-3) is designed to measure the total number of particles (water hardness), dissolved in water salts per one million water particles - ppm (parts per million), water temperatures.

TDS-meter (TDS-3) is used for domestic and professional purposes to measure the hardness and temperature of water in water treatment and purification systems for hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, and water analysis in wells and wells.

TDS-meter is used:

- to control the level of salts and minerals,

- Measurement of stiffness,

- electrical conductivity,

- and also to check the efficiency of the cleaning filters.

In order to determine the rigidity of water, it is enough to pour it into a glass, take the TDS-meter by removing the protective cap, lower the electrodes into the water and measure.

The TDS meter comes with a leather case with a belt clip

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