According to DSTU 3798, the device refers to products: 

- with an internal power source (type of protection against electric shock - B).


The device operates autonomously without being connected to the power supply network.

The power source uses a built-in lithium-polymer battery with a voltage of 3.7 V.

The device during operation must be resistant to the action of climatic factors in accordance with GOST 20790 for the climate performance of UHL 4.2:

  • at ambient temperature from 10 °C to 35 °C;

  • at a relative humidity of 80% at a temperature of 25 ° C.


The material of which the housing is made

ABS plastic

Overall dimensions, no more (mm)

105 х 65 х 25 (mm)

Mass of a set unpacked, no more (kg)

0,230 kg

Mass of the device without packaging, no more (kg)

0,125 kg

Full period of service

not less than 5 years

Current consumption not more than

30 mA

Supply voltage

3.7 V

frequency range 

from 150 Hz to 400 kHz

Mean time between failures not less than

1000 hours

The installation time of the operating mode is not more than 

5 sec

Continuous operation time not less

5 o'clock

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The system of active bioresonance correction “ImperStar”

- removes most of the causes of human discomfort: viruses, bacteria, protozoa (single-celled), worms, fungi, ticks, etc.;

- contributes to the normalization of the work of all organs and systems;

- effectively fights pain, inflammation, fatigue, the effects of injuries, swelling;

- eliminates wrinkles, cellulite, tightens and rejuvenates the skin;

- strengthens the immune system;

- helps prevent more than 90% of ailments.

home use:

- disinfection of food and the extension of shelf life, improving the organoleptic properties: meat products, greens, fruits and vegetables, water.

Principle of operation and application:

The work of “ImperStar” is based on the generation of weak biomagnetic oscillations of a special form and frequency with a corrective effect on the nucleus and plasma of the cell and its components.

The action of “ImperStar” is aimed at correcting the homeostasis of the human body and is one of the few effective ways to prevent diseases.

The “ImperStar” system is intended for use by rehabilitation therapists, beauty salons, massage therapists, etc., as well as for self-administration at home as prevention of morbidity and the normalization of the body after illness.

Experimental results confirm the high biological activity of the vector potential, which served as the basis for its use in private practice to enhance the effect of the “ImperStar” system.

Also, positive results were obtained when changing the structure of water using the vector potential, i.e. You can turn on “ImperStar” on any of the 10 programs, and get activated water, for example: detoxification or cosmetic, disinfection and extension of service life, improving the organoleptic properties: meat products, greens, fruits and vegetables, water.

Thus, the use of vector potential opens up new possibilities for an integrated approach in correcting such conditions as inflammation of the joints, including the spine, Bechterew's disease, lymphopathies of various origins, restoration of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is very important in acute and chronic conditions. Therefore, the use of vector potential expands the indications for using the “ImperStar” system and reduces the recovery time by half.

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