The material of which the housing is made

ABS plastic

Case size

90 х 57 х 23 (mm)

Weight unpacked

200 (g)

Wire length

1,5 (m) ± 2 (sm)

Type of connection


male connection (socket, plug)

Working temperature

from -30 ° to 90 ° C

Working hours

from 5 years and more

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Vector enhances the impact of the device contact and non-contact.


The vector is connected directly to the device. Connecting the vector through the adapter in parallel with the palm, foot, head and active eight-pin electrodes is unacceptable!


The vector potential accompanies all currents and extends over considerable distances from the place of their localization. Therefore, the biosphere of our planet is always exposed to the vector potential of terrestrial, lunar and solar origin. The rotor (vortex) part of it is small and is observed in the form of so-called magnetic storms.


Since 1959 until 1989 work was carried out to study the vector potential as a physical phenomenon. In the past few years, the direct influence of the vector potential on biological objects has been experimentally shown. As a laboratory source of vector potential, a device of especially located samarium – cobalt magnets was used. The calculated value of the vector potential is 3.5 10-4Tl.m.


In the experiments, two types of water sample treatment were used: stationary and kinetic.

In the first case, the water was kept directly above the vector potential source for 1 hour. (0.5-1) 10-4Tl.m. In the second case, free flowing tap water.


In the first series, infusoria were placed in water and their activity was checked.

In the second series, the water was allowed to drink to mice, its amount was measured. The results of measurements of the motor activity of the ciliates prove the stimulating effect of the water treated with the vector. In the experiment with mice, the selectivity of vector water and the increase in its quantity are clearly visible.


According to the study of blood cells: leukocytes, lymphocytes and neutrophils, it can be seen that leukocytes increased within 7 days, then they and neutrophils decreased, and the percentage of lymphocytes increased significantly. Investigating the processes of degranulation (according to the ability of myelopyroxidase-MPO to oxidation), the stimulation of MPO activity under the influence of the vector potential, which was canceled by the eighth day, was proved.


The impact of the vector potential did not cause changes in cationic proteins in macrophages, and their activity increased, i.e. the functional activity of the monocyte-macrophage system increased and the production of reactive oxygen species increased.


Experimental results confirm the high biological activity of the vector potential, which served as the basis for its use in private practice to enhance the action of the “BREON.” ™ We used the vector to relieve inflammation, swelling, intoxication, pain, wound healing, etc.


Also, positive results were obtained when changing the structure of water using the vector potential, i.e. You can turn on “BREON” ™ on any of the 10 programs, and get activated water, for example: detoxification or cosmetic, disinfection and extension of service life, improving the organoleptic properties: meat products, greens, fruits and vegetables, water.


Thus, the use of vector potential opens up new possibilities for an integrated approach in correcting such conditions as inflammation of the joints, including the spine, Bechterew's disease, lymphopathies of various origins, restoration of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is very important in acute and chronic conditions. Therefore, the use of vector potential expands the indications for using the “BREON” ™ system and shortens the recovery time by half.


Exemplary combinations of exposure to zones with a double vector for correction in various pathologies:



Exposure zones



Right hand and left hand

This scheme is most effective in the presence of pathological processes in the chest cavity and neck.

Right leg and left leg

The most effective in the presence of pathological processes in the pelvic region (gynecological and urological diseases) and the abdominal cavity (pathology of the kidneys, the thin and thick intestine).

The right foot is the right hand or the left foot is the left hand.

This pattern of exposure is advisable in localizing the pathological process (when organ damage is predominantly on one side of the body).

By sections along the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral).


This general exposure scheme is appropriate for the localization of the pathological process (when organ damage is noted mainly on the left and right sides of the body).



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Active electrode-double Vector

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