Filter elements:

The sequence of installing the cartridges in the system:

LEAD 1 - 20M

The coarse filter detains coarse sedimentary and mechanical impurities, such as: sand, rust particles, microalgae, microparticles with a cross-section up to 0.005 millimeters. For the purpose of comparison and better representation of deep cleaning of this node, we give some examples of the size of microparticles: 0, 002mm is a typical bacterium; 0.007 mm - red blood cell; 0,02 mm - a point that is perceived by the human eye; 0.05 - diameter of a human hair


Activated carbon filter from coconut shell. It removes residual molecular chlorine from the treated water, the presence of which in the water can adversely affect the parameters of the membrane. Also, chlororganics are retained on this filter: an indispensable by-product formed during the chlorination of water, as well as organic compounds of various classes, heavy metals (lead, arsen , mercury, cadmium, nickel, chromium) and iron, removes hydrogen sulphide and pesticides


Activated carbon filter from coconut shell and KDF element (to increase the surface area). It effectively removes chlorine, iron oxide and molecular iron, pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic substances in the water. Improves the taste, color and smell of water, and also removes mechanical and chemical impurities. Unlike conventional carbon filters, this one has a special element made of copper and zinc alloy, which creates conditions unfavorable for the development of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms



The mineralizer is a vessel with a specially selected mineral - a zeolite. Natural zeolites are recognized as minerals of the XXI century. They have unique adsorption, coagulation and ion-exchange properties, chemical and mechanical stability, high acid and radiation resistance. The composition of zeolites includes more than 40 macro- and microelements: quartz, feldspar and montmorillonite, silicon oxides (up to 85%), calcium and potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, titanium, silver, manganese, nickel, vanadium , molybdenum, zirconium, gallium, cobalt, lanthanum, beryllium, boron, fluorine, etc.

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Eurocartridge "plus" middle class - a set of branded cartridges of the company "Impermaster", are placed in an aesthetic housing, which makes it possible to install the system under the kitchen sink. Due to the availability of JG (John Guest) connectors, this kit is easily mounted to any reverse osmosis system.

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Eurocardrus PLUS (middle class)

  • Brand: ООО "Импермастер"
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