Water quality measuring devices

Instruments for measuring and controlling water quality. An essential element for checking the efficiency of cleaning filters. They are used for domestic and professional purposes, have a wide range of applications.


The TDS meter measures:

the level of salts and minerals, hardness, electrical conductivity, water temperature. 

The pH and ORP meter measures:

acidity level of a liquid (pH), oxidation-reduction potential (OBP), liquid temperature.

рН и ORP метр ( 0.0~14.0pH +/-500mV)

рН и ORP метр ( 0.0~14.0pH +/-500mV)

A professional instrument for measuring acidity pH, ORP and water temperature (three devices in one)..

89.00 €



TDS-meter (TDS-3) is designed to measure the total number of particles (water hardness), dissolved i..

0.00 €

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