A New software

For express-test devices

Trade marks:

«Lidomed bio», «Breon», «Bris»

Between 2018-2019 company LLC «Impermaster» developed for their clients

a new version of the program.


1. New modern, intuitive, stylish interface design.

2. New modules and corridors of norms in the calculation algorithm of the program, when measuring:

- physical

- information

- the energy body.

3. In the «Pie chart» section a description of the psychosomatic state is added.

4. In the section «Chakras» completely updated information.

5. In the section «Spine» additional information is inserted.

6. In the «Systems» section, the data of the analytical report has been added.

It includes data:

- physical

- information

- the human body.

7. In the «Dinamics» section, for more precise operation, 30 leads are used with pop-up windows describing the status of each system and their values in %.

8. In the main window a new section «Etiology» has been added, with the following possibilities:

  • select the view separately by group:

    - general indicators

    - etiology

    - functional condition

    - burdened organs and systems.

  • Conducting comparative analysis.

  • Editing reports (etiology) by sessions.

9. In section «BRT» the function of restoration of psychosomatics through associative world pictures.

10. Improved the work of the section «Harmonization» – the choice of the exposure time from 1 to 7 minutes.

11. The section «Reports» has been improved, with the possibility of selecting a printer, in order to avoid not correctly generating reports for printing.

12. The registration code of the device was changed from 10to 14 characters, with subsequent extended the possibilities of working with the program remotely.

13. The program interface is translated into the following languages:

- Russian,

- English,

- German,

- Polish,

- French,

- Greek,

- Italian,

- Spanish

- In development: Turkish, Arabic.

Overview of the functionality of the ImperStar

1. Testing - Selection of drugs.

2. Pie chart.

2.1 Pie chart - comparison of measurements.

3. Chakras.

3.1. Chakras - Comparison of dimensions.

4. Spine.

4.1. Spine - Comparison of measurements.

5. Systems.

5.1. Systems - Comparison of measurements.

6. Dynamics - Column Charts.

6.1. Dynamics - All organs.

7. Etiology - General indicators.

7.1. Etiology.

7.2. Etiology - Weighed down organs and systems.

7.3. Etiology - Possible Disorders.

8. Food Navigator - Appliances.

8.1. Food Navigator - Nutrition.

8.2. Food Navigator - Functional nutrition.

9. BRT.

10. Reports.

11. Testing - Harmonization.